Pricing for Shark Jaw Cleaning Services, Available Worldwide

The pricing for cleaning or restoring a shark jaw with Shark Jaw Cleaning will vary depending on a few factors. 


  • Cost for restoring a jaw is calculated at $90/hr, including materials.
  • Cost for cleaning a fresh jaw is $19/cm based on the dried upper perimeter.
  • Shark jaw mounting is also available, please request this when you contact me.
  • Please note: If you require Shark Jaw Cleaning to remove the jaw from the shark, this will incur an additional cost of AUD$150.
  • Jaw measurement is taken from one corner of the mouth, along the top of the jaw, and to the other corner of the mouth.
  • Jaws need to be wrapped in plastic and frozen immediately to prevent staining cartilage with dried blood and fluids.
  • Preparing and cleaning shark skulls is $55/cm measured from tip of snout to base of skull.
  • Hammerhead sharks are $73/cm measured across the hammer, from one eye to the other.
  • Shark skeletons are $25/cm
  • Swordfish rostrums are $5/cm
  • Swordfish and marlin skulls are $40/cm measured on the rostrum
Delivery And Freight

Delivery and Freight

We used Pack N Send for all deliveries outside of Sydney, NSW. The cost of shipping is additional to the cost of the shark jaw.



The average turnaround time is 2 to 3 months, however, if the job is urgent this can be done faster.

Confirming The Final Result

Confirming the Final Result

After a discussion to discern specific requirements, photographs are emailed showing what the end result will look like, so if there are any changes to be made, they can be made so as to ensure 100% satisfaction from our client.

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