The Shark Jaw Mounting Process

Perspex Board with Plaque

With years of industry expertise, you can be sure your shark jaws will be cleaned and mounted for the perfect display. Get in touch with myself to find out how we can assist you.

Restored or cleaned shark jaws can be mounted on professionally cut perspex board – the cut will be according to the size of the jaw. I can also add a small plaque to highlight any details about the jaw.

If you’re wanting cleaning or restoration services, we can help you with that too. Founder, Simon De Marchi is passionate about his work and can give you all the advice you need on how to deal with your shark specimen.

Wooden Block and Stand

Make your shark skeleton a centrepiece with a professionally mounted polished grey gum wooden block and stainless steel stand.

Contact Elasmo-Morph for Jaw Mounting and all Shark Specimen Services

Once the jaw is whitened sufficiently, it is removed, rinsed, and dried in a closed position in front of a fan for a couple of hours. It is then repositioned and shaped on a drying board and left there for up to one month.

Most of the work is carried out on the jaw once it is dry. During the drying process, although the jaw is held in place with wooden slats so it doesn’t curl, the cartilage will crack in places, especially the upper flanges. This is particularly common with Great whites and Mako shark jaws.

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