Shipping Policy

All orders are dispatched from Sydney, Australia. Below is an indication of delivery times. Please note, due to circumstances with couriers that are out of our control, these times may vary:

Country Regular Express
Australia 3-8 business days 2-4 business days
Germany 8-14 business days 4-8 business days
New Zealand 8-14 business days 4-8 business days
UK 8-14 business days 4-8 business days
USA 8-14 business days 4-8 business days


For domestic shipping within Australia, the preferred service used is Australia Post Express. This service ensures fast and reliable delivery for items posted within the country.


When shipping to countries outside of Australia, the chosen courier is Pack n Send. This courier service is preferred due to its efficiency and handling of all necessary paperwork and documentation, including cases involving CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) specimens. Using Pack n Send reduces potential complications and ensures a smooth shipping process for international orders.

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