Bull Shark Teeth

A Bull shark tooth varies in price according to the size of the tooth, however they can range from AUD$12 to AUD$25. The whole jaw can go up to AUD$750, again depending on size.

Upper jaw with teeth from a Bull shark.

The Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is a large shark, belonging to the Carcharhinus genus. They are also known as a Requiem shark, and they could be said they epitomise the “typical” shark.

Hand feeding female bull shark.

Hand feeding female Bull shark.

Bull sharks are found worldwide, both in tropical and sub-tropical oceans, rivers and lakes and sometimes in freshwater streams if they are deep enough.

The teeth on the Bull shark are broadly triangular and heavily serrated, and the lower teeth are narrow and serrated, although with finer serrations. Bull sharks have got the strongest bite weight per weight, measured at 5,914 newtons.

In comparison to a White shark tooth, the Bull shark tooth is smaller, yet there are many more of them on the jaw. On a typical Bull shark jaw there are usually 24-29 teeth on the first row and the same on the bottom jaw, compared to approximately 13-14 on a White shark jaw.

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