Mako Shark Teeth

The Mako shark is a type of mackerel shark. Makos are the fastest sharks in the ocean and can reach speeds up to 80 kilometres per hour in short bursts. These sharks have razor-sharp teeth that can easily tear through flesh.

Mako sharks live in temperate and tropical waters all over the world. They are popular with sport fishermen because they are challenging to catch. Some people refer to the mako shark as “the greyhound of the sea” because of its speed and agility. Mako sharks are now considered a vulnerable species due to overfishing.

Shortfin Mako Shark

There are two varieties of makos, the shortfin mako and the less common longfin or big-eye mako. Makos are the largest, fastest, and most advanced pelagic sharks in our oceans. In Australia, we have the shortfin mako shark. Shortfin mako sharks, bonito sharks, or blue pointers are distinguished from other sharks by their sleek, hydrodynamic bodies.

Are Mako Sharks Friendly?

Mako sharks, although have rarely been implicated in any attacks on humans, can be a potential threat to humans if encountered in the open ocean. As with all sharks, they will need to be treated with caution and respect.

How Big Is a Mako Shark Tooth

Mako shark teeth can get up to 2 inches, and in fact are highly prized by the Maori. Some of the most sought after teeth are the very large bottom teeth and the 2 upper primaries.

Are Mako Shark Teeth Rare?

Mako sharks are now listed on Appendix II of CITES, which means they cannot be exported without appropriate paperwork. They are considered to be endangered, due to overfishing and by-catch, and even worse, the practice of finning. Although they are and still can be caught recreationally, they are highly sought after by game fishermen, they are not considered to be as critically endangered as a number of other shark species. The very large Mako teeth are harder to come by.

How Much Are Mako Shark Teeth?

Mako shark teeth will vary in price, with some of the largest teeth fetching hundreds of dollars. Collectors always seek the largest ones and the most perfect teeth.

We also have very high quality reproduction teeth for sale which are weighted exactly as the original and are not painted, yet the pigment is inside the epoxy. These teeth do not require any paperwork unlike the real ones when they re-exported outside of Australia.

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