See below a list of pricing for our shark skulls. For more information please get in touch with Simon on +61 477 071 000 or fill out the form below.
Hammerhead Shark Skull (measured across the hammer) $58 AUD/cm
Mako Shark Skull (from tip of snout to base of skull) $65 AUD/cm
Bull Shark Skull $58 AUD/cm
Tiger Shark Skull $58 AUD/cm
Shark Jaws (measured according to bite diameter) $25 AUD/cm
Shark Skeletons (from tip of snout to tip of tail) $20 AUD/cm
Shark Heads Preserved Whole $10 AUD/cm
Shark Heads – Half and Half (e.g. Mako Shark Skull) $60 AUD/cm
Shark Jaw Restorations $110 AUD/hour
Swordfish Skulls (measured from tip of sword to base of skull) $25 AUD/cm
Swordfish Rosta $4 AUD/cm
Marlin Bills $5 AUD/cm

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