Hammerhead Shark Skull

Hammerhead Shark Skulls vary in size and are priced by the length of the hammer and by the pricing fluctuation in relation to commercial shark catches. Any documentation such as CITES paperwork is an additional cost. To order your very own Hammerhead Shark Skull, get in touch with us:

The skull of the Hammerhead is quite unique amongst the sharks, as it has what is known as a “cephalofoil” shape. This gives it a very unique and distinctive appearance.

The Great Hammerhead (Sphyrna mokarran) is the largest of the Hammerhead sharks, growing up to 20 feet in length (6.1 metres).

The skull itself is quite a difficult one to clean, as its nostrils and eyes are recessed deep in the skull, and pose a challenge to remove all the surrounding tissue.

If you’re interested in acquiring a unique specimen, we have Hammerhead Shark skulls available for purchase.


Once the head is rinsed thoroughly of all blood, the start of dissection commences, taking particular care to remove the tissue in a slicing rather than cutting motion, as this could easily damage the underlying cartilage of the skull. Once all the skin has been removed, then the removal of muscle and other tissue can commence. Usually, for a large skull, this could take up to 4hrs to do.

Once the skull is dried, the final touches to it will be carried out, including repairing any cracks in the cartilage, sanding out uneven spots, and repairing any areas around the jaw. Depending on the client’s directive, any teeth that need to be replaced, will be done.


The skull can be mounted in a number of ways, depending on what the client wants and where they intend to put it. Usually, a stainless steel rod is shaped at a 90-degree angle, inserted into the vertebral column, and then the base is screwed into a Spotted Gum wooden base, which really highlights the contrast between the white skull and the wood. Mounting is at an additional cost and is calculated based on the clients requirements.

Hammerhead shark skull mounted on a timber base.
Hammerhead shark skull mounted on a timber base.