Mako shark, Hammerhead and Bull shark skulls in an exciting display at Sorrento hotel, Victoria.

Mako shark, Hammerhead shark and Bull shark skulls get ready for display in a newly  refurbished hotel in Sorrento, Victoria

A few months back, I was approached by a company in Melbourne who was starting the restoration of a hotel in Sorrento, Victoria.

They had asked what species of sharks I had available as they wanted to put together a display in one of the areas of the hotel.

Although the idea of having shark jaws was appealing, the other option I proposed was the possibility of displaying real shark skulls that would have had a greater impact.

They agreed and thus the project was started.

Mako shark, Hammerhead shark and Bull shark skulls prepared.

Three skulls from a Mako shark, a Hammerhead shark and a Bull shark were chosen for display, as they would be coming out of a wall, with a mirror finish behind them to add extra impact.

All 3 skulls were prepared in the same way, and each one took around 3 weeks to clean up, treat and then dry thoroughly. They were then check for any imperfections, and any necessary repairs to the cartilage carried out.

The mounting of the skulls themselves was carefully studied, due to the weight and the distance from the wall.

A stainless steel rod was glued inside the vertebra, and it would slip inside a stainless steel tube, according to the distance required.

The skulls are very large and really showcase the beauty and power of these sharks. All were commercial catches, therefore nothing was wasted.

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