Great Hammerhead shark skull half half preparation

Great Hammerhead Skull Preparation

Great Hammerhead shark skull half half preparation

The preparation of this Great Hammerhead skull, done as a half and half, is a very complicated and painstaking task to carry out.

The process involves in carefully dissecting the head right down the middle, and then removing the skin and tissue from one side of the skull, revealing the cartilage.

The other half of the skull is left with the skin don and a certain amount of tissue to retain the shape of the skull itself.

Both areas of the skull are treated with different methods of preservation. The skin side is injected with a cocktail of preserving chemicals to ensure the tissue is preserved and remains in shape.

The cartilage side of the skull is instead treated with different chemicals to ensure it is whitened and disinfected.

The Great Hammerhead is a very large member of the Hammerhead family of sharks, which has been known to attain up to 20ft in length.

The Hammerhead Shark Skulls I use for such mounts are sustainably caught by commercial Fisheries which are Government approved and come under strict regulations and quotas for their fishing.

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